Jamboree on the Internet UK

Jamboree on the Internet in the UK runs as part of the wider international event hosted by ScoutLink and the World Organisation of Scout Movements. It is always held on the third full weekend in October and officially runs for 48 hours from 0000 hours on the Saturday and is open to Scouts worldwide.

There is a small amount of information on ScoutBase (although it links on to more information and ideas), however the International Site contains more information including software, netequitte and how to get started.

Since being officially recognised by the WOSM in 1996, the event has continued to grow and new technologies are constantly being embraced. In addition to Internet Relay Chat and the Group/E-Mail List it is now possible to participate using video such as Microsoft Netmeeting and audio such as TeamSpeak. Usenet is quieter although still available in uk.rec.scouting and blogging is growing as well.

Of course there are many websites to look at as well - from individual sections, to groups, to international sites, some written by Scouts, some by leaders.

There is often a UK JOTI participation badge that is produced by one of the regular UK ScoutLink participants (don't forget that ScoutLink is open 24/7/365!) and many other countries also produce badges that can be swapped.

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